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The Value of an Expert

How many of you have googled a topic on training or pain (maybe it’s low back pain, which 80% of you will experience at some point in your lifetime), and found a ton of information?

How do you really make an informed decision based upon a google search?

Read one article that suggests that tight hip flexors and weak glutes are the problem, the next article suggests you don’t have enough mobility in the T-Spine, and you read through a half dozen articles all discussing something different as it relates to back pain or training for optimal weight loss.

Naturally you figure you fall into one or the other article, based upon your symptoms and select that as your ‘treatment plan,’ or ‘training plan,’ but how do you really know?

This is really when you need to seek out a professional, a coach, someone with knowledge and experience with the problem you are presented with. Someone who has filtered the google search for you.

We see this in business all the time; ‘Consultants,’ brought in to find a new and improved way of doing something for a business. No one thinks twice about this approach to business. No one hesitates to bring in a plumber, take the car to your mechanic or hire an interior decorator.

Why not bring in an expert on the body to help you with yours?

There is nothing more vitally important to your life than maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit (not necessarily religion, perhaps better described as self-awareness).

Seek out an expert and get an individualized plan/program for your body. We are all different with different needs, good coaches recognize this and can point you in the right direction. They find the sweet spot in your path of learning and help you get there faster. They see the things you will often miss. Even great athletes like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have had a coach, certainly you can derive benefit from one too.

Do not follow a plan/program, you found on the Internet, that was built for John Doe, get your own and watch your progress jump through the roof.

A plan combined with expert advice is priceless.