Fitnack Custom Coaching

This is your reference page if you're interested in working with Darren Beattie one-on-one. I offer several online coaching packages to suit your needs. 🤫

Fitnack was a former Fettle Inc. web application exclusively for customized nutrition and exercise programming and we still have a select group of clients who will continue to receive their programs here for now.

I'll be winding down the use of that term in the months/years ahead (I have different ideas for the brand/domain) but will continue to offer select custom programming to a small number of clients with custom needs behind the scenes.

If it's your first time working with me, I'll send you a questionnaire and more details about which of the options below is best suited to you and additional payment details (invoicing).

If you opt for consulting I'll record our call and share my notes with you after the call. Please Note: I do not provide exercise programming or nutrition plans after a consult.

This is ideal for people who just need clarity on their existing exercise programming or nutrition plan. If you have big needs, a longer call is ideal, if you have one or two things you want to discuss a shorter call is an option.

If you have neither, I would recommend a coaching package instead. Then I'll follow up with a movement screen and I always do a video call interview prior to designing any programs. 4-6 Week programs take me approximately a week to turn around on average but I triage all of my clients based on needs. Longer programs take longer to design.

One-off programming is designed once, with one opportunity/call to refine based later on need. On-going programming is continuously tweaked. I usually outline 4-6 months in advance but only provide monthly programming ongoing based on monthly calls.

Please email for more details or fill out this coaching form. My pricing is below:


Video Call Duration Cost
-- --
80 Min Video Call $175 CAD
50 Min Video Call $110 CAD
20 Min Video Call $50 CAD

Taxes included. These are often used for program and/or form reviews but goal setting is another common use case. You should have an idea of what you want to do/accomplish (i.e. you read a book or have a program already in mind that you want to customize on the spot).

Nutrition can also be discussed but you should have at least a 3-day log for the consult so we can go through your numbers and I can show you my recommended process based on your situation. I don't build meal plans, I coach skills.

I have also advised numerous other businesses and fitness professionals in this context, most often on exercise programming and nutrition coaching integration.

I use Google Meet for video calls (nothing to download) and share my notes with you post-consult in a Google Doc. Skype can be used as an alternative. Zoom can also be used for 20-minute calls.


Package Type Programming Duration # of Video Calls Cost
-- -- -- --
One-Off 1 month/4-6 weeks 1 Call $199 CAD
One-Off 3 months (~12-14 weeks) 2 Calls (1 follow-up) $399 CAD
One-Off 4 months (~16-18 weeks) 2 Calls (1 follow-up) $499 CAD
One-Off 6 months (~24-26 weeks) 2 Calls (1 follow-up) $599 CAD
-- -- -- --
On-Going Month-to-Month 1 Call/month $169 CAD
On-Going Every 6 Months 6 Calls (1/month) $959 CAD
On-Going Year-to-Year 12 Calls (1/month) $1799 CAD

All Packages Include:

  • Taxes/GST
  • Full access to the DTS Exercise Video Library, Protocol Library, and Nutrition Modules for the duration of your program.
  • Unlimited Video Form Reviews for the duration of your program
  • Unlimited Email support for the duration of your program
  • Nutrition Support (Note: I don't build Meal Plans but I will coach my system to you based on your goals and answer questions you have)
  • You'll hear back from me within 48 hours (*weekends excluded).

One-Off Programming

Is exactly as it sounds. I build you either a 1, 3, 4 or 6 month long program in advance. We can still tweak the plan via unlimited email support and you can submit video reviews for the duration of your program. It's just fewer video coaching sessions and limited nutrition support. If you opt for 3, 4 or 6 month options we'll do a follow-up video call when needed.

*Note: Nutrition support is limited with this option, I can point you in the right direction but we generally are not able to talk nutrition specialization in-depth due to a lack of video calls.

On-Going Programming

Is an automatic subscription that you can cancel at any time. We aim to do a video call monthly, program design monthly (every 4-6 weeks at least) and nutrition support bi-weekly/monthly as needed.

The only difference between these packages is the discounted rate for longer-time commitments on a recurring schedule. I do my best to make concessions for people's time/schedules but I cannot carry over months on subscriptions. You have the power to cancel and restart as desired. Otherwise, you use what you use.

Please email for more details or fill out the contact form.

Please note: It's ideal for you to have availability on evenings/weekends PDT/PST (UTC -7:00 hours during Daylight Savings, UTC -8:00 otherwise) for your video calls. I can no longer guarantee availability during the day, but it is sometimes possible.