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Do Your Beliefs Hold You Back?

People will find excuses, any at all, to support their beliefs and sometimes desires/wants.

The power of the mind is absolutely incredible.

Al Capone, perhaps the world’s most notorious gangster, was quoted several times as firmly believing he was doing a civil service through crime.

Over the next few paragraphs, give careful consideration as to what exactly you believe about yourself.

In 2001, there was a study done that supported the idea, that over the existence of a vehicle, a Toyota Prius was actually worse for the environment than a Hummer H2 based upon cost per mile, over the lifetime of the vehicle. 

Was this an attempt at botched science to ease the minds of SUV heavy consumers?

I don’t really know, I do know that every and any friend that drove a large vehicle touted this as logical rational behind owning an operating a large truck/SUV of some kind (Ford F150, Chevy Suburban, Lincoln Navigator, Dodge Ram, etc…).

This is not an attempt to discourage this type of consumerism, as I actually drove a truck for a period of time — there was true need for the family to have one at that point — but I hope people consider their environmental well-being, when making car buying decisions.

Skip ahead to 2007, and a new report shows how incorrect and botched that initial study might have actually been.

Now on the other hand, you’ve got a new set of carbon friendly, pro-hybrid bloggers, writers, and others praising this new analysis to support their green initiatives.

Again I’m not knocking this type of consumerism, I now drive a little four banger car and my next car will either be another 4-cylinder high efficiency vehicle or potentially a hybrid.

The real point of all this information is that anybody who believes or desires a certain type of behaviour with find perfectly logical reasoning to support that belief system.

I’m using an environmental argument to show a link between belief systems and action.

Test it out for yourself on your friends/family.

I believe that most green initiatives are a scam to entice people to buy more expensive items.’

~ This person, probably feels comfortable driving a large SUV, leaving the lights on, throwing recyclables in the garbage, and could care less about green energy consumption.

I believe that we are causing climate change on the earth and need to take more of a stand for it.

~ This person, probably feels comfortable recycling, riding their bike to and from work, they drive a small car (if a car at all), and they volunteer at an environmental organization.

What if you already believe that you are not fit?

What if you’ve tried to lose weight before and now believe that you can’t do it?

What if you believe you’ve always been this way and you’ll always stay this way?

What if you believe that all good healthy food is too expensive and too complicated for you?

What if you believe that most people around you are not fit either so its OK not to be fit?

What if you think that a health club membership is a scam?

What if you believe that eating healthy food is too hard and doesn’t taste good?

All of these things are really beliefs. Beliefs that you can change. They are merely your thoughts, and you have control over them, they do not have control over you.

You can be fit.

You can lose some weight and keep it off.

You have the power to change yourself.

You can make small changes that increase the quality of your food intake, without increasing your budget for food.

You can hang out with fit people.

A health club membership is worth every penny because you spend 2-10 hours of your life there every week.

You can find delicious food to sample and eat that is good for you.

Give yourself a reason to believe and other things will fall into place.

This is the power of changing your mindset to change your body.

Start believing…