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The Three Secrets to Weight Loss

The house that Darren built, can help you build the body you want too...

Though I called the blog, The Art of Weight Loss, I’m a big fan of calling the process ‘Body Transformation.’

There are three good things that everyone should understand when they start a new exercise regime with the goal of physical change. Many people will tell you that it is all about eating ‘low-carb,’ or ‘weight-lifting,’ or ‘cardio,’ or a ton of other B.S. that may have worked for them at one point.

Everyone is an expert right?

You’ll get conflicting ideas from a dozen of your closest friends. You may even hear people say that losing weight is 90% nutrition, 10% training and other cliches. If you really want to find long-term success though, you need to think about this more holistically as a process. There is no magic bullet or one secret solution, it actually is many things combined that make up the solution.

I’m going to let you in on that little secret here, the photo above is weight loss in it’s most simplistic version.

If you really want to be successful then you only need to start by developing a solid understanding of the influence of these 3 broad dimensions of your life and consequently progress:

  1. Mindset
  2. Nutrition
  3. Movement

Simple right? Perhaps not just yet, but if you can start developing an understanding of how these three things influence the journey you are about to embark on, then you are ahead of 90% of the people who start new regimes each day. The trick is that all 3 are slightly different for everyone, though there are some commonalities that we can make good recommendations on. I’ll expand on each in future posts.

Often, the secret ingredient in this sauce, is that you need a good coach to help you find the right path for each of these things, but that path needs to be catered to you, not your best friend, your mother or even your doctor. Often, you ask someone what they want in life and they don’t really know, so you need someone to help bring what you truly want to the surface before you can make huge progress. They need not be paid, but someone who has an understanding in a process (and not the ‘absolute’ solution) can often be a good starting point too.

Finding what works for you in each of these realms is the real secret.

However, remember that Mindset is on the bottom for a reason…