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Halloween Announcement

I’m a day late, so sue me…

How many of you have maintenance strategies in place for the upcoming holiday season?

If not, you might want to check out this article…

Moving along…

Special Announcement #1

I’m really excited about this month, because I got an unexpected email just as I was about to write a special newsletter to my subscribers —–> (look to your right…)

I’m really pleased to announce that out of a few million users on the question/answer site Quora, I was recently selected as one of 2012’s top contributing writers (I was one out of 493 people truthfully).

And by recent, I mean I just got a message about it about an hour ago…

Yes I’m tooting my own horn, because it’s the first time I’ve ever been recognized for my writing.

When I started writing publically about two years ago, all I knew is that I wanted to communicate many of the simple ideas about fitness I had, but I admittedly had an alterior motive too:

Become a better writer and hopefully communicator.

I think what I learned blogging and answering questions on Quora for the last year or two, is a lesson that can help you in your health and fitness too.

We all start out as amateurs somewhere!

Did I worry about what people would think?


Did I think I sucked at first? or that I would fail at this?


Did I start with zero support?

You betcha!

Many of you may find yourself in similar situations with learning how to eat, move and think better, in the objective of weight loss or beyond.

We all find ourselves in this position from time to time, yep, even me — just in case you think I’ve figured it all out…

No doubt much of the same is going through your head, but truthfully we all just have to get started.

We all start somewhere, and taking it one day at a time sometimes amounts to unexpected rewards and appreciation from others.

I’m also mentioning it because I believe there to be a lot of great answers I’ve provided on Quora over the previous year or so, that you won’t necessarily find here (though a few have answers have resulted in extensively written articles from time to time) so please feel free to go check them out, or head over to quora and ask me to answer a question you’d like answered personally.

A little bit more about top writers on Quora, and I look forward to saying, “I’ve been there and I got the T-Shirt” — literally, they are sending me a t-shirt…

This leads me to announcement number two…

 Special Announcement #2

Until Christmas…

If you ask me a question on Quora AND leave a comment on the blog, I’m offering up a free 15 minute Skype consultation.

The quick rules?

  • You have to use your real name on Quora and as a comment on the blog, so I know who you are and who I’m dealing with prior to our consult.
  • You have to use the consult before the end of January 2013
  • Only one consult per person, and I’ll only answer one question on Quora per person.
  • The Skype consult will pertain at least somewhat to what you ask on Quora (it’s a $30 value)
  • You will be asked to fill out some forms, prior to the consult (this will maximize our time…)
  • I reserve the right to expand upon, and write a more detailed post on this blog (in addition to my response on Quora…) using your story as a case study
This is mostly to celebrate the one year anniversary of this particular blog, but also because I get jazzed up meeting new people and helping them solve problems, something that’s hard to do on Quora alone.

Special Announcement #3

As I just announced on the newsletter, I am giving away a free preview of the Koachable coaching program I’m planning to launch in the new year.

Everybody on my email list got a special invite link to try out a coaching program using our new coaching software, Koachable.

If you’re not on the list, don’t fret, you can sign-up below, and in the sidebar to your right.

Because I view these people in high regard, and because my time/space is limited, I can’t just go handing out this link to everyone and anyone.

However, this little experiment will most likely lead to one or more exclusively free condensed coaching programs for newsletter subscribers.

I’m slowly working on jumpstart coaching programs for each of my 3 resource sections…

If you’d like to get access to any of these future programs, I highly recommend you sign-up for my newsletter below (or in any of the newsletter boxes you see scattered on this site…).

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Thank you for one successful year of blogging, and I look forward to helping more and more people in 2013 and beyond!