This is what Skill Based Fitness is all about. Who came up with it and why.

Skill Based Fitness is all about teaching you good physical fitness skills and was founded by Coach Darren Beattie in 2011.

Smiling is clearly for chumps...

Computer programs and programming approaches like WordPress, Drupal, or Linux have long adopted what is termed ‘Open-Source Software’, so how come there is nothing online that deals in ‘Open-Source Fitness?’

This is that website, take these principles and build from them.

In other words, I believe these are the ‘essentials’ or the ‘foundation’ of fitness that can and should apply to basic physical development. I'm constantly refining and simplifying the approach as best I possibly can.

Physical intelligence (PQ) is your ability to move well and often.

As our work progressed to the desk and our entertainment the couch, we have started to move less and neglect our bodies more. Many people now needlessly suffer from chronic pain, obesity and other physical ailments.

This is not a result of conscious ignorance, nor stupidity, but rather a general lack of understanding about skill development and physical development; that cut-backs to physical education or the inappropriate focus of the existing physical education — typically and often exclusively sport or athletics — have hurt in the last century of industrialization.

After fifteen years as a (strength & conditioning) fitness coach, this is what I’ve learned to date, but it is also far from ‘complete.’

The simple solutions are three fold:

  1. Move through amplitudes near daily
  2. Resistance Train 1-4x a week
  3. Get your heart rate up 1-6x a week

As movements such as the Long-Term Athlete Development Protocol reinvent the way we deliver athletic development principles and rehabilitation movements such as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization or the Postural Restoration Institute help us redefine how movement patterns are developed and altered later in life; it is my hope that this website will continue to evolve and help you learn long-term value physical development principles in a world of ‘quick-fixes’ and ‘short-term fitness solutions.’

If you’re a coach and would like to contribute or get involved in this project, please email me.

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