The Art of Weight Loss

In 2011, I started a blog called the Art of Weight Loss.

Having obesity close to the chest within my immediate family, I was really inspired to write about a better way to lose weight that was counter to a lot of the bullshit advice you see on the internet.

My aim was to give people actionable advice, provide them with clear and tested methods for improving their sitution over the long-haul.

It focused on three things:

  • A long-term maintainable approach
  • A mindset oriented foundation (the real trick – more important than nutrition and exercise on their own)
  • Simplistic, Practical, Effective Advice in Exercise, Nutrition and Psychology

After a few years, I started contributing heavily to the question/answer website Quora and I realized that developing a foundation of skills is the real trick to weight loss.

It’s where people should start, it just happens to also be the place people should start for improving athletic performance, gaining muscle and the maintaining a healthy lifestyle too.

Rather than continue to write and maintain The Art of Weight Loss I made the risky decision to re-launch my blogging efforts as the more appropriately titled ‘Skill Based Fitness.’

I still help more people lose weight proportionally speaking than I do help people gain muscle, improve athletic performance or discover a healthy lifestyle, but I wanted to start fresh, focusing on the foundational skills that can be taught for reaching any and all of these objectives.

It became painfully obvious that many of the people I was helping lose weight move onto new objectives that often include gaining muscle, improving their athletic performance or the majority of time maintaining an active healthy lifestyle that losing the weight has allowed them to experience.

In fact, maintaining an active healthy lifestyle is the secret to not regaining the weight once it’s lost.

This blog will still remain heavily focused on weight loss but I am taking more direct efforts in helping people lose weight by turning that blog into The Art of Weight Loss Coaching Program.

The above is at this time, mostly an archive of the free courses I used to offer for specific weight loss objectives.

I didn’t want people to lose access to this really great resource, I spent a lot of time creating.

Please enjoy, use responsibly and fill me in on your journey if you’d like.

~ Darren Beattie, Founder

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