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Above you’ll find a collection of three free resources I’ve compiled over the last few years of writing this blog (and the one before it).

Most of my work is spent trying to simplify complex topics and make them accessible to beginners and novices, though there are many concepts in the resources above that many intermediate and advanced trainees may not be familiar with.

This is essentially my life’s work so far…

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As you advance in your ‘Training Age,’ adopt new habits, pick up new skills and create incredible change, you are going to want some new stuff to look at below.

These are good sources of information that I feel comfortable in recommending to pretty much anyone, provided you please work on the base or foundation I discuss above.

Athletics and Youth Resources

Canadian Sport For Life

International Youth Conditioning Association

Vern Gambetta

Training Resources (not the prettiest website but functional)

Nutrition Resources

Gourmet Nutrition

Precision Nutrition

Alan Aragon

Lyle MacDonald’s “Body Recomposition”

Protein POW

Martin Berkhan’s “Lean Gains”

Mobility/Flexibility Training Info

Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD

Stretch to Win

Advanced/Intermediate Training Info

Charlie Francis

Eric Cressey

Mike Robertson

Charles Poliquin

Chad Waterbury

Tony Gentilcore

Pavel Tsatouline’s “Strong First”

Mike Boyle

Mark Verstegen’s “Core Performance”

Dan John

Mark Rippetoe

Ben Bruno

Zach Even-esh

Jason Ferruggia

Dean Somerset

Charles Staley

Bret Contreras

Nick Tumminello

Rehabilitation Resources

Dr. Stuart McGill’s “Back Fit Pro”

Functional Movement Systems & Gray Cook

Craig Liebenson

Bill Hartman

Charlie Weingroff

Mike Reinold

Diane Lee

Sports Rehab Expert

University of Michigan Health Library

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