How to Safely Get Started With Exercise – Part 2 Resistance Training

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In Part 1, I focused on a couple of key mindset considerations for reducing exercise anxiety. Some tips on how to avoid feelings that prevent people from exercising, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. I followed that up with my practical recommendations for the modality (either walking or biking) to start with. Note: This is merely as a suggested …

Resistance Training Terminology

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Say what now? Is there anything more frightening in the world of exercise, than the resistance training terminology? Well, I mean other than ‘Gym Bros?’ Jokes aside, I don’t blame anyone for feeling completely overwhelmed by the language my colleagues, and myself, use. It’s complicated. Yes, we could and should use simpler language whenever possible. Honestly though, sometimes there’s just …

Fluids, Hydration and Fitness

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Alright, I’ve talked about protein and vegetables (they’re awesome!). I talked about fat and I talked about carbs too. One of which you have some minimum requirements but both will probably round out any person’s diet to some extent. Yes I don’t really care if you eat ‘high’ fat or ‘high’ carb because outside of protein both work for different …

Neuromuscular Training Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

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Rating of Perceived Exertion or RPE/R.P.E. is commonly associated with endurance training. Typically in that context, it’s put on a Borg Scale. A scale of 6-20, with 6 being no exertion at all and 20 being maximal exertion. Like this:

A Guide to Resistance Training Weight Increases

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Weight increases. It’s a question you’re bound to have if you ever take up weight lifting, strength training, or resistance training. Whatever you want to call it, they all (roughly) mean the same thing. How should you go about weight increases? By a percentage? By a specific number? Does it differ from exercise to exercise? Muscle group to muscle group? …

Stimulating Repetitions

Effective or Stimulating Repetitions

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Why do people lift weights day after day but not make much progress by way of muscle development? Why is it so hard to build muscle using exclusively calisthenic training? Why do people who lift low repetitions but high loads seem to get stronger but not as big as people doing moderate load bodybuilding style training? Why doesn’t 2 sets …