Skill Based 2x2 Training

The 2×2 Training Framework is an easy to learn approach to weight training. It’s extensible, flexible and adjustable to you, the individual, rather than attempting to fix a square peg in a round hole. It can be adjusted to any split, over any number of days of training per week. It doesn’t matter if you’re using bodyweight, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or sandbags the framework applies regardless of the tools you have. It is also easily suited to a variety of training methods from traditional set/rep schemes to density training. Making it an ideal starting point for most people who want a simple progressive routine to follow without the drawback of other ‘simple’ programs. Let’s get started!

Workout 1

  • A1) Knee Dominant Exercise

    Squat, Lunge, Step, etc…

  • A2) Horizontal Pull Exercise

    Row, Facepull, etc…

  • B1) Single Leg Hip Dominant

    Deadlift, Bridge, Hinge, etc…

  • B2) Vertical Push Exercise

    Overhead Press, Incline Bench, etc…

Workout 2

  • A1) Hip Dominant Exercise

    Deadlift, Bridge, Hinge, etc…

  • A2) Horizontal Push Exercise

    Bench, Push Up, etc…

  • B1) Single Leg Knee Dominant

    Squat, Lunge, Step, etc…

  • B2) Vertical Pull Exercise

    Chin Up, Pulldown, etc…

Choose Your 2×2 Objective

I'd Like to Shed Fat

Our most popular option. For most folks who want to use nutrition combined with exercise to shed some fat and look a little better naked. This one's for you.

For the Svelte

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I'd Like to Gain Muscle

Sometimes you want to gain some muscle, maybe shed some fat. Flip this card to check out our guide for gaining muscle mass using the 2x2 Framework.

For the Muscle Heads

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I'd Like to Feel Good

For those that think weight is just a number. This is all about how you feel on the inside, energy, mood, and how the rest of your life integrates.

For the Healthy

Click the button below for more on applying the 2x2 to living healthy lifestyle. (Coming Soon)

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I'd Like to Perform

Competition. Function. Recovery. Performance. That's what matters most. Whether you're an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, this card is for you.

For the Athletes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on your objectives:

Generalized Strength: 2-5 sets of < 8 reps.

Generalized Endurance: 1-3 sets of >12 reps done to fatigue.

Hypertrophy (Muscle Gain): Stick with more like 2-4 sets of 6-12 reps.

Power: 2-5 sets of <6 reps, done explosively or with the intent of moving quickly.

If you need something more specific than that, then you should probably hire a coach as these aren’t set in stone and are more like rough guidelines or where you might want to spend the majority of your time in a training year.

People make the mistake of thinking they can do the same thing indefinitely or that there is some magical set/rep scheme (*ahem 3×10 or 5×5 being popular internet examples) that is the cure all of everything that is not physically fit.

This isn’t the case. Depending on how you plan, and what you’re planning to accomplish, you should probably hit 2-4 different qualities each year. For most people who aren’t training for a very specific thing, this is the best way to approach it.

Outside of that, most people are best served training the majority of their time in that 6-12 rep range. Not just a muscle growth area, but also the most versatile.

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